Ashton Reynolds

Ashton Reynolds CMT

Yoga Instructor

Ashton Reynolds has been with us since 2011. When she first came to Lighthouse she just graduated from Healing Arts Institute as a Certified Massage Practitioner in 2010, with certifications in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Myofascial Release.

A few years later Ashton received a scholarship to Veera Yoga’s 2014 Vinyasa Teacher Training Program, taught by Gangotri Garg. Since she has been a diligent student attending workshops and classes taught by amazing and inspiring teachers all over Northern California.

Ashton offers classes at Lighthouse that are beginner to advanced friendly with an emphasis on mind body connection, restorative postures and breath work. As a body worker for more than five years she has a deep understanding of anatomy, alignment, balance, relaxation and release. So make sure you try a yoga class with her soon!

Ashton’s first adjustment was life-changing. Ashton met Dr. Trisha Wimbs before they worked together at Lighthouse. Dr. Trisha gave Ashton her first chiropractic adjustment and it changed her life. After suffering from migraines several times a week to no migraines; she had to know more about chiropractic.

Ashton worked her way up from massage practitioner to front desk, to office manager and yoga instructor. Being surrounded by holistic health has impacted her life greatly. Outside of her office management duties, she is now pursuing an education in holistic nutrition.

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