Dawn Gonzalez

Dawn Gonzalez

Yoga Instructor

Dawn has been an elementary educator for over 25 years with a passion for life-long learning, serving others, and holistic wellness. She has been an AFAA certified group fitness instructor since 2011 with special certifications in Yoga Essentials, Practical Pilates and Yochi. She recently completed her Reiki Level 1 practitioner training at Lighthouse Wellness under Master Teacher, Staci Ross.

Dawn has practiced mindfulness, meditation, yoga, tai chi and qigong for several years as essential daily components to her personal holistic health and well being. She has taught and shared the benefits of these mindful practices with children in schools thru senior-aged classes. Dawn offers class in restorative Yin Yoga and Slow Flow which is a fusion of yoga, qigong and tai chi-based movements combining mobility and stability. Her classes emphasize mindfulness based stress reduction, breath work and building mind/body awareness. Accessible to all levels.

Dawn enjoys developing her practices and learning from inspiring masters. Her wellness-based passions include learning about nutrition, brain research and neruroplasticity, senior fitness and group exercise continuing education. Dawn enjoys spending time with her family and enjoying the outdoors-gardening, hiking, camping, kayaking.

Yin Thursdays 630-730pm
Slow Flow Tuesdays 630-730pm and Saturdays 9-10am

March 23, March 28, June 4, June 6

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