Lighthouse Wellness Center: IV Infusion Treatment and IV Nutritional Therapy in Roseville, California

At Lighthouse Wellness Center, we are proud to offer home intravenous (IV) nutritional therapy in Roseville, California for patients who are looking to spend less time in the hospital.

We are the leading IV clinic in Roseville, California, with extensive experience in IV therapies. Our team coordinates with each patient’s doctor to guarantee a safe and effective IV treatment in Roseville, CA.

For reliable in-home IV therapy in Roseville, California, contact us online or by calling (916) 786-6055.


What is IV therapy used for?

IV therapy involves delivering fluids, blood, or medications directly into the patient’s body through the veins.

What is IV treatment used for?

The IV treatment was developed to help with chronic conditions and symptoms for people who can’t consume food or water by mouth.

What are indications for IV therapy?

If a patient is sick and has fluid loss associated with decreased intake, they may need IV therapy.

What is IV infusion used for?

Infusion therapy is the process of delivering drugs or fluids through a needle or catheter.

What are the types of IV infusion?

There are two main types of IV therapy:

  • IV Push
  • IV Drip
Is IV nutritional therapy safe?

IV vitamin therapy is safe for people with digestive problems that affect the proper absorption of nutrients.

Does IV nutrient therapy work?

IV nutrient therapy treatments can help alleviate stress, strengthen immunity, and make your skin healthier.

What are the side effects of IV fluids?

Side effects related to the use of IV fluids include the following:

  • Irritation
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
What are the benefits of an IV drip?

IV drip therapy increases your overall well-being and helps boost your immune health.

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