Nutritional Counseling

What Makes Us Different?

We offer Ayurvedic Health Coaching and The Chirothin Weight Loss Program. Our nutrition and weight loss programs are a holistic approach that focuses on mind-body and spirit. Our unique approach provides one on one coaching for support and accountability.

  • We help you to focus on healing mentally, physically, and chemically
  • We optimize supplements, taking the right vitamins and minerals at the right dose
  • We optimize your daily dietary intake
  • We optimize the way you think and feel about food and nutrition

What is Holistic Health?

The purpose of a holistic approach is to bring awareness and consciousness to our daily lives. We examine what we eat, how we move and how we think. We all have the ability within each of us to discover the root causes of our experiences and to implement changes that can have profound and lasting affect.

How Does Holistic Health Care Work?

We transform our health by detoxifying the body, increasing the metabolism, modifying our lifestyle choices and integrating mindfulness. The focus is on whole foods and stress management to hep reduce inflammation in the body. An Alkaline diet with low-glycemic food can contribute to optimal health and the prevention of disease.

Meet Our Nutrition Counselor & Ayurvedic Practitioner

Staci Ross, M.A., M.F.T.

Holistic Health Coach & Reiki Master

Staci has been a licensed marriage and family therapist since 2001 and holds a master’s degree in Health Psychology from Santa Clara University.

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